About us

Our History

Mane Holding was established in 2001 and includes companies Mane Tiles, Mane Wood and Mane Interior.  Over a decade of experience has shaped our great team of skillful artist, designers and technicians. Great designs were forged throughout the years aimed at satisfying the toughest of your needs and to give the best unique look to your home or office. Our designs will meet any requirements of any market or culture.

Our Values

Values of Mane Holding can be described in one word – “hands”, as everything and anything we produce is strictly handmade. We believe that even in the 21th century human hands can still bring magic and unique looks to stone, ceramics, mosaics, wood and metal as artistic smithery. Above many things our company values its relationships with its partners and clients.

Our Mission

Mane Holding mission is to always understand ever-changing trends in exterior and interior design in order to always offer our clients the best product that is always up to date. We target a steady production  offer  for our clients and partners regardless of any circumstances.

It is important to mention, that our opportunities for your wishes realization are unlimited, Mane Tiles specialists will make for you unique materials for finishing and walls and floor decoration (terracotta, mosaic, tile, stone), Mane Wood will make furniture of natural tree breeds personally for you considering Your life distinctive features, and Mane Interior will carry out the final work in a way when your task will be just to enjoy the net result.